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WBT Culture established the FIRST WEEK!

So this Friday concluded my first FULL week with my 9th graders, and it has been my most successful startup week yet (in my albeit short teaching career of going-on-three-years!). The kids DID laugh and giggle when I first introduced the Rules/ScoreBoard and Class/Yes....and still do sometimes if I use a silly voice for Class/Yes). But by now WBT really just feels like "the way we do things" in my class. It doesn't feel "gimmicky" (like it does at first to all of us, I think) to me or the kids. (I have 99% go-alongs, so that helps).

For example, at one point, I was introducing new vocabulary terms - "independent" versus"dependent" variables, and THEY actually called ME on the carpet for moving on before giving them gestures ("Mrs Molnar! Aren't you forgetting something? The GESTURES?") Now THAT's classroom culture for ya'!

Also, I had a different sort of "WBT Moment" when I was treated to an impromptu visit from former students. They were sent FROM CLASS by my Chemistry colleague across the hall, because she was reviewing the Scientific Method, and her kids (my students from last year, now sophomores) were doing the gestures I had taught them to help them remember! (And she wanted to know the "official" version of my gestures!)


I began this journey last year, coming off a difficult first year of teaching, and I began using some WBT strategies last Fall. In the Spring, I continued building on those, and now, finally, after little over a year, it's beginning to feel natural. And I'm even doing a decent job of micro-lecturing (with lots of Teach-Okay's mixed in), though I could do better, I know.

My PowerPix wall is coming along nicely, like Chris Rekstad promised it would ("rolling off like a printing press," I believe was his quote), and I do review of at least a few of the words every day to start off my lesson.

Since I have relatively easy-to-manage classes, I'm trying to figure out how to move my go-alongs up to to Alphas....and what exactly class leadership should look like at the high school level...

In conclusion, I'm not quite in teacher heaven yet, but I think I'm on my way!

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Miss L said...

Mrs. Molnar,

I know you are still maintaining an active WBT Forum presence but I'd love to see an update on your blog about how your year went!

Miss L (WBT Blog Bug)
Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching

Anonymous said...

I'm sending you the Our Lovely Blog award. Check out my blog to grab it!

EduKate said...

I am awarding you the "One Lovely Blog Award". Please be sure to stop by my blog to retrieve your award!

Kate Bowski
WBT Intern 2012-2013
Assistant Director for WBT Certification

Jason McKinney said...

Need an update! :)

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