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How to Share your PowerPoints on the Internet for FREE!!!!

On the WBT forums, someone asked how, exactly, to create a PowerPix document. So, that got me thinking about developing my own. I'm not sure I'm ready to jump in whole hog with PowerPix this semester, but I can see they would be incredibly powerful tools for my classroom. So I"m going to take it one step at at time.

And Step 1 was to create my own PowerPix template. (I teach Science at the secondary level, so if I want PowerPix, I'm going to have to create my own that will be content-specific).

Well, it only took me about 5 minutes to create one in PowerPoint for "Physics."
But I wanted to share it with the WBT community. This, it turns out, is NOT-SO-EASY. Blogspot, along with most free website-hosting sites, doesn't allow document uploads. Neither does VERIZON, my ISP. (Apparently, there are many security issues with FTP, the way most people transfer files to these host sites).

Thus began my quest to find a place - ANY place! - that would:
a) Allow me to upload my documents AND...
b) Preserve the formatting AND...
c) Be completely FREE

Google Documents allows you to upload WORD and POWERPOINT docs (among others), but mangles the formatting in the process.

After several DAYS of searching and checking out MANY sites, I found ONE that allows people to upload their PowerPoints - WITHOUT changing the formatting! And it's FREE!

It's called SlideShare. You need a FaceBook account, or you can create your own free SlideShare account. To see my sample PowerPix slide, as well as to check out SlideShare, click on this link:

Try downloading it and let me know what you think, either here or on the WBT Forum where I also cross-posted this:



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