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Welcome to my Blog about Whole Brain Teaching
at the high school level.

I teach ninth-grade Physics First (conceptual Physics) in an urban, Title 1 school in Northeast Philadelphia. I will be starting my 3rd full year of teaching this Fall, and my second year with Whole Brain Teaching (WBT). I started off fairly strong last year, but fizzled toward the end (falling into old habits is easy). I am the only teacher at my school actively using WBT techniques. When I try to explain what I'm doing to others, they still look askance at me. But hopefully they'll come around..eventually!

Anyway, I've started this blog with several goals in mind:
1) To keep me accountable (to the WBT community as well as myself) to consistently using WBT in my classroom - to this end, I pledge to blog at least once a week.
(I hope to do so more frequently, but don't want to make any promises I can't keep!)
2) To share my lesson plans/ideas/experiences with other WBT teachers, especially at the high school level.
( I feel like there needs to be more WBT resources for the secondary teachers "out there", so I'll start by making some contributions of my own)

Attending the National WBT Conference in Alexandria, LA this past June defninitely re-energized me. But now it's down to the nitty-gritty of planning for next year.

Speaking of the Conference, I'm really excited about the new 5-step WBT Lesson Planner. I don't think the 5-Step Lesson Format has been published in the Downloads area yet (except as part of the Conference packages). But here's a link to a forum discussion about it:

Also, I've created my own WORD document version for my planning purposes.
Check it out under my Links (at right), or directly at

My main goal this year will be to minimize the amount of time I am talking - really nail down the "micro-lecture" format. (Keep in mind my lesson planner is for non-lab days).

This goal implies making better use of "Teach-OK" as well, which I know I need practice with.

Now, if I can just hammer out a plan for my first soon as I do, I'll post it here. I'm not sure just how detailed to make my WBT lesson plans, but since this is a new format for me, I plant to err on the side of "more is better."


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